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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ward Campout

For several weeks the ward campout was announced at church. The children didn’t forget and reminded Mom and Dad of the approaching event. The children have fond memories of camping up at Cinnamon Creek each spring with other ward members.  They were so excited to go this year and were making plans. Over the years, people stopped camping and just came up to enjoy an awesome ward dinner.  This is the first year we haven’t camped.  We still call it the ward campout.

When the Friday before Memorial Day finally arrived, everyone managed to complete their daily jobs early enough so we could leave home shortly after lunch. We enjoyed a leisurely drive up the canyon.  The roads are paved for a short distance. Most of it is dirt road. The roads were in good condition and the scenery was beautiful.  We took many pictures along the way. 

The Porcupine Dam is full, and water is starting to fill the canals.  

Reaching the campground before many of the others arrived gave us the whole area nearly to ourselves. For several hours, we enjoyed the church owned Cinnamon Creek. It is nestled in a beautiful setting of trees, rivers, mountains, and streams and has all of the accessories – covered patio, restrooms, running water, cooking facilities, fire pits, camping spots, hiking trails, and pioneer handcarts.  There is a lot of water to play in and a whole lot more.

The river seemed to attract the children first. Skipping rocks, throwing big stones to make splashes, trying to cross in shallow places by walking on protruding rocks, or balancing on fallen logs amused us.

Mom watched as Jonathan found all of the different ways he could cross the river.  To his surprise, he fell in and got drenched. Joshua saw what happened to Jonathan and decided not to follow suit.

We pulled each other in pioneer handcarts and dumped out one or two in the process. I think that was on purpose.  The children loved riding and others wanted to push or pull. I personally was a little tired, but pushed anyway.

As people began to show up, we helped prepare for the meal and shucked corn. Many brought treats and deserts and everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner and awesome local entertainment. I think we were some of the first to sit down and eat.  


Chris Mortensen, is an amazing friend and has tremendous musical talent. He writes lyrics and music about everyday experiences.  His songs leave you thinking, uplifted, laughing, and entertained.   Friends and neighbors filmed this YouTube here in Paradise.  Music and lyrics are by Dale Major.  Performed by Chris Mortensen.

After dinner, we roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and of course, played in the fire. We visited with friends, played with the children, and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We were fortunate to have great company and fine food while being outdoors in nature.

Nature and the creations of God are serene and peaceful, and we tend to feel more calm, quiet, and still. It was refreshing and fun for all.

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