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Friday, April 2, 2021

The Beauty of Mirror Lake

Redaela is not happy. She thinks her misery is the result of living among so many, ugly, warty frogs. The more she tries to change her fellow frogs, the bigger her problem becomes. One day she decides to visit a beautiful lake at the top of a mountain. As she looks into the lake, she can see herself clearly for the first time in her life. She learns a precious truth that changes her life and everyone else around her. 

Oftentimes we think that we need to change the people around us in order to be happy. People have bad habits and make unwise decisions, and sometimes we think it's up to us to save them or get them to stop for us to have peace. However, what we see around us is really a reflection of what is inside ourselves. Once we change and improve ourselves on the inside, our perspective of the world will change. Then we will be at peace and will better understand how to help those around us.

This is one of many fable books. The lessons we learn from fables can change our lives if we let them. Children enjoy reading stories over and over again, and these fables are sure to give them guidance throughout their lives. These fable books are not just for kids. Parents will see solutions to big problems revealed in simple fables.  

The Beauty of Mirror Lake can be ordered on Amazon.