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Monday, January 23, 2012

Emma Marie Willis is Here!

On January 21, 2012, 6:10 a.m., Emma Marie Willis was born and welcomed into the Willis family.

  • Weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Measured 20” long
  • Lots of brown hair
  • Content, peaceful demeanor

Being the 12th child, she has many brothers and sisters who simply adore her. Everyone gets excited as they carefully hold their new baby sister. Nothing but smiles as they gaze into the eyes of this beautiful gift from heaven. Without a doubt, Emma will never lack attention and love. There is always enthusiasm, life, and love offered for her.

In Emma’s opinion, nobody’s like mom. She lets everyone clearly know when “holding time” is over and she is ready for her mom. Her mother is the best God-made source of food, warmth, comfort, and love that a little girl can get.

I feel humbled and very grateful for Jennifer. She is my wonderful wife, and the amazing mother of our children. For me, she is the perfect companion, wise counselor, and faithful friend. I respect, honor, and love her deeply.

She has sacrificed her personal time, desires, and dreams many times over and over again. She’s spent nearly half of our 20+ years of married life being pregnant, sick, tired, large, uncomfortable, and just plain miserable. She has sacrificed much, even placing her very life in jeopardy for the life of another and another and another and another…….…

The rest of her time is devoted to her family. Somehow she finds time to spend with each child and me, individually and collectively. She makes a happy and peaceful home, and it really does feel a bit like heaven. Her personal walks and intimate talks, mingled with bedtime stories, kisses, and fun make lasting impressions never to be forgotten. Her faith, vision, and love, coupled with mighty determination are felt by one and all. I believe the teachings, wisdom, and love she so willingly shares with each of us will ripple through all generations of time and beyond. Mom is home. I suppose that is one of the greatest gifts a mother can give.

Once again we were able to have the baby at home. It was especially calm and peaceful for me. I don’t know if Jennifer would say the same. After a long night of labor, she was tired and ready to lay down with our new little daughter.

Tonight Jennifer was holding Emma, and Joseph came over so excited just to look at his new little sister. Jennifer asked him, “Do you like the baby?” His eyes lit up and he replied, “Yes,” with a great big smile on his face. She asked, “What do you like about the baby?” He said, “the head.” :)

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful addition to your family. I long to be back at your home and in the arms of love that was my experience during the short period of my visit.
    You have contributed much to me, but I had no idea how deep that feeling could go.
    With all my love,


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