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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Again

Well, that was a very short spring. It was fun while it lasted, but we love all four seasons. Winter is here again, and the Willis Family is back to shoveling snow and sleigh riding.

Yesterday morning some children got up before daylight. Others chose Saturday morning “beauty rest” and slept in until 7:00 a.m. The “early birds” were too excited to sleep. They turned on the outside lights, admired the fresh new snow, and watched as snow continued to fall. They immediately began making plans to play in the snow.

Some children cleared walkways and pushed snow. Others played in it. Marianne was super excited to go outside with everyone. She got dressed, put on her coat and boots, and had fun running through the new snow. Her highlight was helping me drive the Bobcat to plow snow.

Winter playtime is exciting for all. The children go sledding on the big hill whenever they get a chance. The icy driveway provides a calmer and smoother ride. But the all-time family favorite is sledding behind the four-wheelers.

The younger ones like to ride on the sled alone. It’s more peaceful and slow. The teen-age riders often play what we call “push and shove” or “the king of the sled.” It can become quite intense, challenging, and invigorating. Even adults like this diversion until reality sets in. Their bones don’t handle it as well as the younger folks.

I love to be the driver because I get to view it as it all happens. It’s refreshing for me as I watch the crashes and bashes, the thrills and spills, and the triumphs displayed as the “new king” claims the sled.

Of course sledding on a cold day just isn’t complete without some hot chocolate by a warm fire.

What a delight to be a part of all the fun.

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