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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ron Paul a Good Samaritan

Ron Paul practices what he preaches. We can all learn a lesson here. Instead of asking at "What's in it for me?" We could ask, "What can I do for my neighbor?" A lot of our problems stem from selfishness. Wouldn't it be great to have a President that thinks more of helping others than he does of himself.

Paul reacted to the Williams advertisement emotionally on the Jan Mickelson Radio Show on Des Moines' WHO-AM radio December 28, though he noted in his own modest way that giving free care was not that unusual for him.

Paul: I'm amazed at how they found that. If you would have asked me to go back and find somebody like that, I wouldn't know. But, to me, I don't remember it. I don't recall it because it was one of, it was just the way we practiced medicine, at least the way I practiced medicine.
Mickelson: Obviously, it was incredibly important to that guy. He stepped forward.
Paul: It was a non-event in the sense that what I thought it was the way my responsibilities were. But I never had the knowledge of how grateful he was, you know, and to me that is magnificent.
Mickelson: After all this time, isn't it?
Paul: Yeah, because it's been a long time....
Mickelson: I can see that had kind of an emotional effect on you.
Paul: Yeah, it did, because it's sort of something out of the past.
Mickelson: You're not given to Oprah moments. You almost had one, didn't you?
Paul: Well, it was sort of touching.

While being appreciative of Williams' gratitude, Paul's matter-of-fact statement about the "non-event" quietly highlighted as routine Ron Paul's free medical care to hundreds of patients throughout his medical career. Ron Paul supporters are famous for saying that their candidate is far too modest. Practicing the Medicine He Preaches: The Free Market Charity of Ron Paul

Ron Paul doesn't believe in accepting federal funds for healthcare. He's shown us by example how free market medicine works.

As a mother that’s ready to have a baby in two weeks, I appreciate the fact that Ron Paul doesn’t believe in killing unborn babies. I know the baby inside of me is very much alive.

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