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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meals on Wheels, Feeding the Crew

Emma is one week old today, and I’m feeling much better than I did last week. Babies bring a piece of heaven with them. We all love having a new baby in the home. Emma thinks she needs to be held 24/7, and that’s OK with us. This newborn stage doesn’t last for long, so we’re going to enjoy it.

We’ve had friends and neighbors helping us with meals this last week. You’d have to be pretty brave to even offer to bring our family a meal. In our home, food evaporates. Most people probably think, “Now, how much food do they really eat? Will this be enough?” We really do appreciate the kindness shown to us.

Last Saturday, Lyle and Jenny Henriod brought our family a big pot of soup. The baby wasn’t even six hours old, and they were already at our door ready to feed the crew.

Sandra and Dave Sorensen brought in some yummy potato casserole earlier this week. I’ve gotten some our favorite recipes from Sandra. Recently, she taught me how to make homemade potato soup and chili. Whenever I ask her for a recipe, she tells me that she really doesn’t have a recipe. She then tells me how she makes it. I come home, try it, and the children love it. I’ll have to learn how she made that potato casserole.

Nancy Sjostrom just showed up one afternoon with her arms loaded with food. It was a welcomed surprise. She also made this teddy bear quilt for Emma (see picture). With her busy schedule, she didn’t have to make the extra effort, but we appreciate that she did.

Lisa Clawson asked the children what they wanted to eat. One said chicken alfredo, another said macaroni and cheese, another said brownies, and another said cookie dough. They were so surprised when they saw that she creatively met all of their requests. We had a tasty dish that was a combination of macaroni and cheese and chicken alfredo. For desert she made cookie dough brownies. The children kept talking about how everyone got what they wanted. Good job Lisa! Not many could have pulled that one off.

While Lisa was visiting, Charlene Heaton stopped by with a gift for the baby and an armload of pizza rolls. We saved the pizza rolls for the next day and enjoyed every last one of them.

I just got a call from my friend Kim Wengreen. She asked if she could bring us dinner tomorrow. John and the children will be excited. They’ve really pitched in and helped with the meals during this pregnancy. They are so appreciative when someone brings in good food. They love tasting something new and different. For some reason it tastes better when they don’t have cook it. Or maybe it just tastes better than daddy’s special:)

We’ve enjoyed all of the food and appreciate the kindness shown to us. Thanks again.

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