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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday of My Queen

On days both dark and sunny

Jennifer is my precious and loving honey

To me her birthday is a special day

I hope it brings her joy in every way

Such happy times we share

Few things could ever compare

Each year our bond just seems to grow

And she makes me happy, you know

We've been in love for quite a while

And she seems to always share a smile

With deep blue eyes of light

She gives me much delight

I find her so very cute

With absolutely no dispute

Each day she walks to exercise

And then we often romanticize

Our love is deep and often shown

A fantastic family we have grown

Too many children, some may say

But they just came anyway

She is a very special friend of mine

Who walks a nearly perfect line

She offers love and support to me

And reminds me what I'm to be

When I feel a little bit sad

She has a way to make me glad

She simply just appears

To wipe away my tears

If I have a disappointment

With me she makes an appointment

Throughout the many years

She has helped to ease my fears

She is a woman of faith, no doubt

A useless point to debate about

She firmly claims her mind and will

Determined her mission to fulfill

When another tries to push or shove

To alter sacred doctrines from above

She has a way to be straight and clear

And speak the truth without fear

She is not the type to surrender to evil

But does her best to be civil

The arrogant, pompous, and pushy

Just seem to be far too mushy

Sometimes accused of doing wrong

Or being a little headstrong

It’s not her nature to be formal

Some say, “Just be normal”

Come hear our brilliant and perfect precept

For surely you must accept

We claim the power to condemn and save

Authority to us God gave

She’s willing to consider a recommendation

But requires a reasonable explanation

Please, kindly me persuade

And just stop the masquerade

She hates to be a fake

And seeks to stay awake

To escape the pit and mire

And do all the Lord may require

My sweetheart with pure intent

Is not easy to be bent

She’s a woman with desire

To receive the full and burning fire

Refusing to bow and say, “Yes sir”

Often, causes a great big stir

When wolves speak in the name of the Lamb

She promptly rejects them, by damn

Only in God, will she place her trust

And obey Him as she must

She chooses His pathway bright

And daily receives more light

God softly speaks from time to time

To present a new paradigm

Her heart has often grown and changed

As beliefs are being rearranged

Determined to ascend God's mountain

And partake of the everlasting fountain

She is overcoming confusion and strife

As she seeks Eternal life

Today is the birthday of my queen

On the path to be pure and clean

A precious and lovely queen to me

And a divine mother of love to be

I Love You Sweetheart

Happy Birthday

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