A witness from God can be relied upon. As you read our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences, we invite you to obtain a witness for yourself. If something we say or imply does not ring true, then you should feel no obligation to accept it. Life is an individual and unique journey with God. Although we can help and encourage each other, we need to be careful not to come between God and another person.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We reserve and claim the right and privilege to change our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs on any issue as God reveals further light and knowledge.

We have a lot of questions. At this time, we do not have perfect knowledge only beliefs, ideas, and questions. We acknowledge that some of our beliefs may be false beliefs. Questions are good because they challenge our viewpoints. Since we don’t always know the difference between our false traditions and the ways of God, we need to keep our minds and hearts open to what God has to reveal.

Questions can destroy faith or build faith. If the intention behind the question is to align our lives with truth, the questioning process is faith promoting. If the intention behind the question is to justify an angry heart or find an excuse to remain in sin, questions can be destructive.

We have confidence that if we continue asking God questions with the intent to obey all His commands, He will rearrange our beliefs and present new paradigms . . . until we come to that perfect day and know for ourselves.

Life is a personal and unique journey with God. This blog is an attempt to record our thoughts, ideas, and experiences as we seek to come back into the presence of God. It is highly probable that we will get some things wrong along the way. That’s part of our progression. This is only a record of the journey, not a claim that we’ve got it all figured out.

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