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Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing Tag in the Rain

Dad enjoys playing with the children, but prefers doing it in the shade. He tends to avoid the heat and sweltering sun in the afternoon, but thrives during the cool evening activities. Today was overcast, cool, and refreshing, so Dad spent some time with the family jumping on the trampoline, playing games, running, and riding motorcycles.

As evening approached, the clouds darkened, gusts of wind started, and a few raindrops began to fall. We were all excited and running in the rain when someone yelled, “Let’s play tag in the rain.” Everyone quickly embraced the idea and joined in chasing, running, slipping, sliding, rolling, and tagging in the rain. 

The storm intensified, and before long a cloudburst rolled in and completely drenched everyone. That just added to the fun, created a free water park, got everyone wet and slippery, and produced an awesome evening full of enjoyment and fun together.

Look at this crew before we threw them all in the tub!

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