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Monday, November 5, 2012

Holy, Holy, Holy

At the beginning of October, I was given a gift and powerful tool of light.  I was talking to a close friend about how I can experience God on a deeper level.  She shared a scripture with me. 

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” Psalms 100:4

I desire entrance into His Gates and the privilege of standing in His Courts. 

My friend told me to raise my arms up to heaven and sing to God.  She said to start with a familiar tune, but when different words start coming to mind, I am to sing the words I am given.  My heart took courage, “I can do this. Even though my religious upbringing is a little stiff, I can learn to praise my God.”

This last month has been wonderful.  I have discovered that darkness flees when I lift my voice to heaven.  I have been blessed as simple words and tunes have been given to me.

In the past, I’ve struggled focusing during my prayers.  Either I am so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open, or my mind is racing in many directions at the same time.  I have found that when I sing my prayers, I am able to focus on the Lord.  My body is moving, my voice is singing, my heart is feeling, and my mind usually stays focused. 

I sing what is in my heart as the Lord helps me work through my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and desires.  I love the way I feel when I sing my prayers. There are joyous songs and solemn songs. Some of the songs help me work through feelings, and others embody the desires of my heart.

I dedicate all of these songs to God, for he has given them to me. 

There is much scriptural symbolism associated with the number three. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is repeated three times. There are three pictures of the sun using the golden colors of the Divine Father.  In the first picture the darkness is on top. The darkness is on the bottom in the second picture.  In the last picture, the rising sun (male) is between two mountain pillars (female). The male and female come together to create a beautiful representation of our God. 

Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy is my God

Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy is my God

He created the mountains
He’s in the wind
I can feel His Spirit burn within

Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy is my God

Holy, Holy – descant


  1. What a brilliant idea!
    I'll try this today!
    Thanks very much!


  2. wow! that was awesome Jenny! That was so simple and so beautiful...and fun!

    so, so glad you shared it!


  3. Oh how I have missed your blog!

    This is amazing to me, would you believe it, that is the same thing I have been impressed to do lately! I have also begun singing quietly as I read from the scriptures, the tune changes with impressions and the words. I love how true worship involves all the senses and music and Holy dance.

    Also in my time with God I too have been led to raise my arms and say Holy, Holy, Holy 3 times. This is powerful.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Also.. I loved your Youtube video and the singing was beautiful.

  5. Oh happy day! You're back!
    And what a contribution!

    I was reminded of a MoTab recording, one of my favorites, that has the song "Holy, Holy, Holy" recorded on it. I thought that was the best until I heard that sweet child's voice on yours!

    My mind has some kind of music humming through it all the time. Your words have helped me to channel it into prayer and meditation.
    Thank you!

    Stephanie Ripley
    PS - I met you both at Denver's fireside. Delightful and a pleasure!
    Welcome back!

  6. Jennifer..I hope you remember me. We were friends at Richmond Grade School and Richmond Burton High School...for years I wondered what ever happened to you! I remembered you had a family member named Loa and when I searched your name with Loa I was brought here!You knew me as Lisa Graff, I am married now ,and have four kids. Sorry if this is not the place to write this but I could not find a way to email you privately. I have several memories of us..I hope you remember too! Hope to hear back from you!


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