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Saturday, February 10, 2024

A Nefarious Demon aka Paco

Last year, we watched Nefarious as a family. It was a great way to teach our teenagers and young adults what they are up against [parental discretion advised].

We are surrounded by demons and devils that seek to destroy us. Much of what Jesus did and does is to cast out devils. 

Naming the Devil

Several years ago, my niece and I were talking about the devil and how he takes himself way too seriously. Good natured humor is good medicine. Learning to laugh at ourselves can be very healing.  

Names are important in giving power, and so we decided to give the devil a new name. We had fun naming this humorless fellow. . . We ended up naming him Paco. He hates the name. I think he was listening to our fun and play because I soon heard in my mind, “My name is NOT PACO!!! It's SATAN!!!” 

I responded, “Okay Paco;)” 

I had the distinct impression Paco was disgusted with us. But he doesn’t have a choice about that, does he? Ya know, come to think of it, I don’t like what he does either. He doesn’t seem too eager to benefit and bless me, so why should I be eager to respond favorably to his demands and complaints? 

Conversations with Paco

Yes, I have conversations with Paco. Not because I particularly like those conversations, but because he just shows up and starts yapping. 

What is the point to all this chaos and commotion? I don’t know. Nothing intelligent ever comes out of Paco’s screaming, yelling, and criticizing. It is just a bunch of noise. 

In contrast, when the Lord calls me to repentance, His chastisement is always intelligent. I know exactly what I did wrong, and what I need to do differently. It makes sense. I think about the Brother of Jared being chastised by the Lord for three hours. He knew exactly what he needed to change and immediately got to work. The Lord corrects and redirects. His message is informative and enlightening even when it cuts me to the center. 

So when I hear noise noise noise . . . name calling, screaming, yelling, fear mongering, scolding, temper tantrums . . . I turn to that voice and say, “Do you have anything intelligent to say? Or are you just going to yap and yell and throw a fit?” When Paco stutters and stammers, I nod my head and say, “That’s what I thought. Nothing intelligent, so be on your way!” 

I’m really not interested in giving heed to the rebukes of Paco. He doesn’t have my best interest in mind. 

Anger, a TellTale Sign

When I find myself angry, triggered, and in turmoil, I see it as a sign that I must repent of something even if I don’t know what it is. When I ask Jesus to show me my error, I have 100% confidence He will reveal my sin in a way I can understand. He doesn't want me to mourn, but wants me to understand my error, so I can repent. 

Those who become angry at the truth have “the spirit of the devil” in them. That is, they are under the devil’s influence and are deceived. Nephi understood this principle because of his older brothers’ reactions (see 1 Nephi 5:1). When someone becomes angry at the truth, they are in darkness. Christ gave this as one of the signs of the deceived. They argue against the truth and become angry (see 3 Nephi 5:8). Those who are Christ’s, however, join with Nephi in glorying in plainness, even if it cuts or requires repentance. They appreciate the plain direction which allows them to follow in the true path. They appreciate truth, even when it condemns their acts and requires them to change. They glory in Christ, preferring Him over unbelief, traditions of men, or the arm of flesh. Anger - Glossary of Terms

Repentance sets me free.

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