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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Illegitimate Women's Council Explained (from outline 1.a.vi)

This post will present evidence supporting paragraph (1.a.vi) from the outline documenting Louie’s apologies. His efforts were minimized and ignored by the organizers of Women’s Council #1 who received the apologies as I will demonstrate below.

  1. Attendance

    1. Louis requested to come to Women’s Council #1 but was not allowed. 

vi. Louie’s apologies were minimized and ignored.

A marital dispute between Louis and his wife in the UK November 15-16, 2023 was apparently the catalyst for Women’s Council #1. 

The organizers of Women’s Council #1 did not acknowledge the apologies Louis sent in November 2023. It appears the organizers of Council #1 were asking Louis to explain his angry reaction to Organizer #1 after she scolded him for sending a message to a small group of friends. Below is an excerpt from the email Louis received informing him of the January 14, 2024 Women’s Council being held against him.

January 13, 2024 at 10:32:04 AM GMT+3 to Louis from Organizer #1:

 . . . why didn’t you retract your statements on the group thread and apologize for dragging everybody into it and upsetting them . . . you angrily confronted [husband of Organizer #1 and another man] in the gas station parking lot and made a big scene in front of everyone there. Why were you so enraged . . . 

Apology #1

Private text messages between Louis and his wife

Saturday, November 18, 2023, 10:19 a.m. text from wife to Louis:

I forgive you.

11:47 p.m. text from Louis to wife: 

I forgive you too. Be happy.

Apology #2

Text message to Organizer #1 and her husband

Friday, November 24, 2023, 10:41 pm from Louis to Organizer #1 and her husband:

Watching the end of my relationship with [wife] is, and was, very difficult for me; and it's still causing me considerable anguish. I sincerely apologize for my loss of control; she mattered to me, and I wanted it to work. 

When she informed me on our first night in Leeds that "God told [wife] I was divorced from you 3 years ago" it obviously put me into a tailspin. I'm still very emotional.

I apologize that left me yelling at you in the gas station parking lot. I honestly I had only slept for barely an hour, and was watching my marriage evaporate. But that's just context and explanation. There's no excuse. I was wrong and I apologize.

Sunday, November 26, 2023, 11:12 p.m. from husband of Organizer #1:

Hey Lou. Just saw this today on Whatsapp:

“I’ve already apologized to [Organizer #1 and her husband]”

We never got this.

Louis replied: 

I sent it to both of you. (Louis sent a screenshot of the Nov 24th apology he had previously sent to them.)

Apology #3

Whatsapp message to larger UK group

November 26, 2023, 10:49 a.m. from Louis to Whatsapp group thread which included the organizers of Council #1:

I’ve already apologized to [Organizer #1 and her husband]. If I owe anyone else on this thread an apology, please contact me on my US number and I’ll make it right.”

Louis asked and gave ample opportunity to reconcile this incident with those who were offended.

To Be Continued . . . 

*If you have an objection to what I have written. Please submit your evidence along with your first and last name.*


  1. Kudos to Angela O’Rullian and especially Jennifer Willis for shedding additional light on this disturbing episode. Given how easily friendships can fray over such situations, I believe it takes considerable courage to speak out as these two have been doing.

    Last Saturday, I spoke to a prominent Utah member of this community about this situation. He bemoaned the fact that as a religious group, we are way too fractured and full of contention...this being a prime example. I responded that I didn't see it that way; some of the best people I know are in this movement, and I am a better person for having known many of them. Being isolated in Vegas, perhaps I am not so acquainted with all the "stuff" that is going around.

    What I know of Lou over the years, I could conclude that many--especially women--would consider him a "vulgar brute" much like many consider Trump to be a "vulgar brute". This speaks mainly to style, and not necessarily to substance. If feelings and emotions are the primary lenses through which character is recognized, perhaps many of us males are guilty as charged. Over the years, I have had nasty encounters with such women on occasion. I am retired law enforcement; I prefer candor, "just the facts ma'am, just the facts...", and I don't suffer fools near as well as I should. Plus, I enjoy good satire...though my stand-up routine often falls flat. So I'm probably a "vulgar brute" as well.

    For example, last year, I attended an on-line fellowship twice until I was summarily expelled from the forum, apparently because I made some very insecure women feel even more insecure. No hearing...no counseling...no warning...just "off with his head". I still wonder what it was that I said for them to consider me such a "monster"...especially given the fact that these women hardly know the first thing about me. It appears that one of the women signing the letter for Council #2 was among the "mean girls" that had expelled me from that zoom fellowship last year. Which to me further calls into question the "due process" of this Council.

    It is tragic that such incidents mar the peace of the people in this movement. One would hope that charity and giving others the benefit-of-the-doubt would prevail. I would especially hope that this thing with Lou didn't occur because of his "vulgar brute" style. If so, half the men in this movement are in trouble.

    Best wishes to all...and peace,
    Alan Pulsipher

  2. I just feel sad when I read what is going on..God has once again given us a chance to regain his trust..he has allowed us to have stewardship to keep men from unrighteousness authority ..we also likewise need to not exercise unrighteousness authority over them…There seems like a lot of things went wrong in the situation..My question is if we are keeping the men in check.who keeps the women in check..if he has a home fellowship why were they not involved?
    I think in God wisdom he commanded it to be that for reasons like this..I do not know the intention of everyone’s heart but I want to believe that we are all good trying to do what’s right..I do not want to repeat the mistake of the past..Can we learn to be better..treat others like we wanted to be treated..if you were standing accused would you want a voice.. would you want to be treated fairly..
    The issue isn’t whether he was guilty or not guilty..I alway told my children two wrongs do not make a right..If we follow the guidelines that God has given us we can again build his trust. We can show him we can be trusted to more things to come.
    We need to decide do we want to be another failure or do we want do better and treat each other better..We can not act this way or treat each other this way if we want Zion.. We all need to decide are we going to be the wheat or tare. I am praying everyday for hearts to be softened and that the people involved will do what is right..We can be better and do better..is it more important to be right or have Zion? These are just test along the way to see what we are made of..and if we are ready to be a Zion ppl..LS

  3. How does Louis’s apology prove his women’s council illegitimate? I’m failing to see the connection this has to anything.

    1. Here is the pattern of the Lord we are to follow when someone offends us . . .

      And if your brother offend you, you shall take him between him and you alone, and if he confess, you shall be reconciled. And if he confess not, you shall take another with you, and then if he confess not, you shall deliver him up unto the church, not to the members, but to the elders [women’s council in our day]. And it shall be done in a meeting and that not before the world. And if your brother offend many, he shall be chastened before many. And if anyone offend openly, he shall be rebuked openly that he may be ashamed. And if he confess not, he shall be delivered up unto the Law. If any shall offend in secret, he shall be rebuked in secret, that he may have opportunity to confess in secret to him whom he has offended and to God, that the brethren may not speak reproachfully of him. And thus shall you conduct in all things. T&C 27:5

    2. Does this imply you've never had to apologize for anything, ever? And if an apology is tendered, that you should not have a reasonable expectation that that apology would be accepted? What happened to grace?

    3. To anonymous,

      An apology doesn’t make someone immune from accountability. That’s actually a pretty absurd stance to take if you are at all familiar with the cycle of abuse. Jennifer is outlining what she feels was wrong with this council which will set a standard for future councils going forward.

      As an extreme example many victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse were begged by their abuser for forgiveness and the man apologized profusely. If those extremes happen within our community will documented proof of an apology absolve them of any consequences?

      I have apologize plenty in my life and I recognize if my actions have lasting effects on people I don’t get to dictate what their forgiveness and boundaries look like.

  4. Nobody said an apology absolves anyone from accountability...so please don't be absurd yourself. That was a very passive/aggressive yet ludicrous thing to say. Maybe you should refrain from putting words in other's mouths? Did Louie use the "F" bomb? Dunno...wasn't there. Did he lift a hand? Dunno...but is this what you are inferring when you use buzzwords like "the cycle of abuse?"

    1. Nothing I said was referring to Louis but rather Jennifer using his apology to prove his council was illegitimate. And how that standard will effect future councils.

  5. I think ppl might be missing the point.. This is not about innocent or guilt..It’s not about worthiness to have the priesthood..This is how the council was formed and implemented.. it’s about treating each other with fairness..It is about following Christ example ..it is about fairness and exerting unrighteousness authority over another person.. The council was formed outside his fellowship.. They were not invited to be part of it.. The women that participated could not show they were part of his daily walk.. as they had indicated in the letter that went out to hundreds of ppl. There were only a few women that had been in contact with him recently .It makes me wonder why they felt the need to demonize him to so many ppl?
    They stated in the letter he was a danger to the community , deceiving and practicing priestcraft. They said it would in no way affect his ability to serve in his call from God to teach the gospel.I was a little confused.. That made no sense at all it was such a contradiction.. it also stated that everyone that did not support them in their decision was in some way ignorant.. I just got out of a religion that like to bully ppl into doing what they wanted us to do.. it kind felt a lot like that.. Jennifer is trying to give us facts and let us make our own mind up.. if you think the way they did thing were right then you get to make that choice for yourself after you hear all the facts..If we let ppl be treated unfairly today what to say what our future will look like.Whats to say it won’t be you tomorrow !..Why is our country like it is today because ppl just took what we had for granted.. We just need a fair way to deal difficult situations.. If something doesn’t feel right we should be able to voice our opinions without contending and quarreling..None of us our perfect..we can learn from each other and alway strive to do better..Have charity towards each other.. Be kind and humble.. Love one another as Jesus has loved us..If we want to be like Christ we need to start acting like he would want us too..Loa Smith


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