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Monday, May 20, 2024

Illegitimate Women's Council Explained (from outline 4.5.)

This post will present evidence supporting paragraph (4.5.) from the outline and conclude this blog series.

  1. A WOMAN CANNOT BE KICKED OFF A COUNCIL ONCE CONVENED: This is the wisdom of the Lord in the requirement of a unanimous vote to revoke a man’s priesthood certificate. A woman on council #1, was removed from the women’s council for forwarding a communication Jennifer Willis wanted to be shared with the group before it convened on January 21, 2024. She was shortly thereafter allowed back on the council after profusely apologizing, however removing a woman from a council should never happen because the process is about persuasion not compulsion.

  1. Epilogue

May 14, 2024 at 2:16 PM From the Comment Section -  Angela O’Rullian

. . . In speaking out, I was asked to recuse myself, as was any other member of the council who did not agree with the process that the organizers set forth. Recusal was asked multiple times by the organizers and in several instances to all members of the council if we were not in agreement to their decisions.

Some of the procedures changed during the duration of the council without involving consensus of the members. For example, I was the one removed from the council by the organizers for relaying a message to the group without their consent . . .


First, this blog series is to advocate for a path forward where we learn from the mistakes of the past, and our path is as noble as the cause we are seeking. The person at the center of this discussion on women’s councils is Louis, however his behavior is incidental to the issues I’ve been addressing about women’s councils in general, and could have just as well been about any other man with a different scenario. Further, none of these posts were an attempt to discredit or minimize the concerns themselves, nor the motives of those who have brought them forward. We can and must be watchful and cautious in the role we have been assigned by the Lord pertaining to public priesthood.

Second, much has been said about the role of Wisdom and our failing to take counsel from Her. It is right and fitting that we view our Heavenly Mother as the very definition of Wisdom itself and by contrast we continually display our unwillingness to internalize Her instruction by the way we treat one another. Concerning Her sons specifically, she knows them all by name and works with them through their weaknesses. For the time being, She has given very specific guidelines to her daughters to ensure that any action they take to reprove her sons for their actions pertaining to public priesthood be carried out with a great deal of delicacy and care in fairness and equity, regardless of how grievous the issues are or what the outcome is likely to produce. If we put ourselves in Her position, to what lengths would we want to see our children go to work out differences privately before even considering a council? Would She want every effort taken to reclaim Her son? Would one email, text, or voicemail do the job to satisfy the requirement to work it out? How much time would we want them to spend together in person? If it were your own son and a council was an unfortunate necessity, to what lengths would you want to see your daughters go to ensure ALL the guidelines available to us had been observed so that your son could leave the experience feeling like he had been dealt with justly? 

Third, it’s always a hard thing to know how far one should go to defend what they feel is true and right before subjecting themselves to the will of the system or group for the sake of peace among our neighbors. I have not wanted nor tried to disrupt peace among anyone throughout this process, but I could not stand idly by without declaring what I know to be true in my heart. 

Fourth, at the beginning of October 2023, the Lord impressed upon me the importance of Louis keeping a daily journal. I was tasked with the assignment of making sure the job gets done. I thought it was a strange request because I have never kept a daily journal for anyone other than myself. So with the cooperation of Louis and the support and permission of my husband and Louie’s wife, I started recording Louie’s daily journal. 

Little did I know, I would be documenting these two women’s councils against Louis. I have been required to write this witness and am following the Lord’s instructions to the best of my ability. If there have been any errors in the record, they have not been intentional. 

God Bless,


*If you have an objection to what I have written. Please submit your evidence along with your first and last name.*


  1. The simple fact that a second council was convened with largely the same women (9 holdovers, I understand?) and minus the two who were voting for acquittal is in fact a violation of this unanimous verdict requirement. Sure...add additional charges...add the estranged wife as a member of the council (who surely was also a witness...)...add women from as far away as Tennessee into the mix...throw in "fears" that the man has a reputation of being an "aggressive bully"...what could possibly go wrong?

    One can only conclude that the verdict was pre-determined from the outset...and that the organizers twisted themselves into pretzels in order to justify the end they were seeking. Jennifer does the movement a great service by highlighting these proceedings.

  2. I feel like we can take this experience as a learning experience.. In reading this post it has given me insight into how a women council should be conducted and also the contrary.. We all make mistakes but the question can we learn from them and move forward and do better. I believe we can do better.. I would like to see us as women of the movement to commit to God and our mother in Heaven to do better..Honor the stewardship they have given us and exercise it with love and fairness..Treat these son of our eternal parent like you would treat you fathers, husbands and sons…Ask yourself is this how I would want them to be treated..There are times correction need to be done.Can we plz stay with in the guidelines God has given us.. Even if the 10 talks are not in the scripture those words came from God.. Gods is not a changing God. He doesn’t say something one day and change his mind.He that is commanded in all thing is a slothful servant.. I am hopeful that if you do not have the courage at this time to add you name to this list of support publicly you will in your heart.. commit to follow the simple guidelines that we have been given.. Talk to them in private first and try and resolve it if possible.. let this be done in their fellowship and ones that know their daily walk..to not cancel members of the council that to not agree with you.. I would say above all show love, integrity, and be fair… I have faith in all of you that we can do this and do it in a way that will please our Mother and Father in Heaven❤️ Loa Smith

  3. I'm very sad from this information. The second women's council against Louis was a huge red flag, but this seems worse than I first imagined. What do we do now? Do we call a general women's conference and talk through what is the right way to have these women's councils? Open up the scriptures (all scripture, including Preserving the Restoration) and see what the Lord has truly said? How can we repent of this as a group and do better?

    Also, I know Louis's (ex?) wife Ashley very well and do not doubt she was a big influence in all of this. She seems to have gone crazy with rage towards not only Louis but her own father. I would sincerely suggest everyone be cautious around her (like I have been doing).

    1. What a terrible, awful thing to say about Ashely without knowing all she has endured under the hands of domestic violence and abuse. Its a sad day when we tear apart victims and slander them while we elevate and support predators and abusers because of idol worship.

    2. Woooooo there, Anonymous poster. Domestic violence is a criminal act...and has specific legal meaning. In this entire blog, the "cycle of abuse" has been inferred only once by what appeared to be an overly insecure person who didn't seem to know what they were talking about...and then quickly retracted. If domestic violence took place--either by the man, the woman, or both--it ought to be made clear. So far, nothing but innuendo. Shame on you for broaching the term "domestic violence" out of thin air. If that occurred, back up that assertion rather than just smearing someone who has been labeled as an "aggressive bully".

      This obviously is a marital dispute that has resulted in the breakup of a marriage. (Which is why I found it curious that the "letter" proclaimed that Louie's "wife" was a member of the council.) Divorces often are messy. And it typically takes two to tango.

    3. Jennifer, these comments were brought to my attention and I have serious concerns for what this blog has turned into. I will state plainly, this blog is not in possession of all the facts. The words read very hypocritical, and whatever some are being told by Lou is also blatantly untrue. Louis IS aware of all the details of the council and he refused to take responsibility and attend though he was invited a number of times. This blog has been a means to further fracture the movement and disturb the peace of the people. Perhaps some are fighting a battle that I am saddened to say, they may regret someday. To the Anonymous poster above, I was on the council and I will stand with the poster you commented to, as they stated fact. I will also not disclose to an ignorant public platform and people who lack understanding or compassion, the magnitude of evidence and testimonies, to only equip further harm to the vulnerable. They need to be protected which is why the women on the council are holding their peace and taking head on all the arrows. I would caution everyone to check their words before posting. We will be accountable for every word and the pain we cause, especially to those whose hearts are already broken because of the bad behaviors of those they love, who have grievously caused harm. I will not be commenting further here. I suggest everyone take a break from this place, cool your feelings down, and let time, and distance go between any dialogue. Truth will come to light in the appointed time and all will be made known. Eva Gore

    4. Eva, This blog series is about how the (January 14 & 21, 2024 & April 28, 2024) women’s councils were conducted. They are not about Louis. Although the last six months of Louie’s life is the backdrop for the commentary, this is not about him. This is about protecting the kingdom of God in its infant state.

      I have stated several times that Louie’s behavior is incidental to the issues I’ve been addressing. I take 100% responsibility for these blog posts. Louis is not responsible for what I am writing. You have my email address and phone number. If I am missing facts about the procedure you used, please send me the facts.

    5. Hi Eva,

      In response to a massive global scandal alleging sexual abuse by multiple ordained priests, the Catholic Church famously tried to keep related inquiries "in house" despite the fact that the primary authority for investigating/prosecuting/punishing said criminal allegations lies with civil authorities. The same applies to any allegation of domestic violence. Certainly, a women's council can and should involve itself with such allegations; however, that should proceed only after a criminal investigation by law enforcement professionals has been completed and conclusions are made public. There are compelling reasons why in almost all jurisdictions, domestic violence is considered of such high priority that jurisdictions often MUST prosecute cases despite the fact that victims often recant. Society has a right to hold such offenders to account to protect any possible future victims, and not to have said actions swept under the rug, as the Catholic Church attempted.

      As retired law enforcement, I strongly suggest that any allegation of domestic violence first be reported to law enforcement for investigation. They are equipped with the tools to sift evidence and testimony...and are in the best position to ascertain fact from fiction. I don't believe the women's councils are so equipped...and therefore aren't qualified to make conclusions, let alone seek the civil sanctions that should accompany any findings.

      Falsifying allegations in a police report is also a crime. There either was or was not a criminal violation. Much as I respect your willingness to stand up for what you think is right, I question your judgement in thinking you and your council should displace law enforcement in investigating and adjudicating such serious allegations until after law enforcement makes its findings.

      This presumes that the allegations have not been reported to authorities...but there has been no indication this has factored into this episode. I offer this because the specific allegation of domestic violence was just introduced by your above post.

      Best wishes,
      Alan Pulsipher

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  5. Well I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with what has been said here. We need to really be thoughtful and prayerful in regards to these women councils. I too know Louie’s ex wife well. And while I wish I could say differently I do believe that Ashley is not innocence in all the has occurred between her and Louie. And while this particular situation has me concerned, my greater concern lies in the way it appears these councils are being conducted. I will certainly have to study this out more and pray about it, but from what I am knowing and understanding to this point, I have an unsettled feeling about the process.

  6. Jennifer I feel you are under a false spirit, insisting on causing division. I feel you ought to go back and listen or read The Holy Order part 2 about the false spirits that are abroad. I do not understand your purpose except to cause disharmony and division regardless of how you think the council proceeded I believe they did the best they could do under the circumstances and I believe you are not giving a fair perspective of those women even with your said proof. That’s not showing the truth in its entirety. It requires the Spirit of Truth to discern your words and actions whether it be of God or not. I feel your relationship with Louis is unhealthy. You might want to reconsider.

    1. Glossary of Terms Fruit . . . “Christ determined that the test for “fruit” is the words one speaks. But how should “words” be measured? Anger, conflict, violence, war, and division amongst families were just some of the results of the words Christ spoke. If Christ’s words were measured by how people were affected by them, then Christ produced bad fruit. Therefore, the reaction people have to words cannot be an accurate measure of “fruit.” It must be the substance, the truth, or the independent value of the words — separate from how people respond to a man’s words. Prophets and righteous individuals have been arousing anger, provoking violent reactions, and being called anything from foolish to vile because of their words, and that does nothing to diminish the goodness of their fruit.”

  7. In the above post if you are going to be an accuser would you plz have the courage to put you name on it.. The contentiousness did not come because of Jenny. All Jenny did is tell the truth and we got to make our own decision..There are many of us that are grateful for what she did..It taught me how a women council should be run.. its my feeling that it was the way the council reacted that caused the contentions.. In the answer to the prayer it said “ As people you lack the ability to respectfully disagree among on another “ She did not agree with how it was being done.. That was her right to do that.. It should be all of our right to
    Stand up for what we believe..We can respectfully agree to disagree.. and we don’t take women off the council that don’t agree with us.. This has been a great experience for all of us and a chance to understand what God wants us to do..
    This situation would not have been public if all the letters had not gone out to hundreds of people with their names on it.. Unfortunately it was their actions that brought it on..Loa

  8. Part 1

    As some of you readers likely know,
    It is simple laws that cause things to properly flow.
    These are the ones to keep,
    To avoid being stuck neck deep.

    Rules and commands we choose to forego,
    Often cause things to be sluggish and slow,
    With disturbance and backflow,
    Don't ya know?

    False beliefs cause adherents to put on a show,
    And, when in proximity to truth, to hide or carefully tip-toe.
    God's laws we must never let go,
    To preclude diabolical overthrow.

    Scriptures, prophets, and ongoing revelations,
    Make declarations to be kept without variations,
    Not merely suggestions with a statute of limitations,
    But Godly communications form eternal foundations.

    God knows exactly what to say and to who,
    And it will always come through, even for you.
    God knows when to say it and why,
    Never underestimate Them, don't even try!

    Angels from the presence of God with truth for sure,
    Will inform and teach you a whole lot more,
    Words of God are true, stable, and meant to stay,
    While the errors of mankind must simply go away.

    This is something we must all realize,
    For anything of value to materialize.
    The ways of God, we must not criticize,
    To receive God's prize and avoid demise.

    God's way, which is not man's way, rules.
    And that's the only way to become His jewels.
    These are the tools taught in His schools,
    In spite of deceiving devils and infinite fools.

    God perfectly knows what to do,
    While mankind without Them hasn't a clue.
    And disobedience to God is worse than diddly squat,
    Whether we like it or not.

    Now, we've been addressing general stuff,
    And perhaps that's not enough.
    So, let's be clear cut and explicit,
    To make things a little more implicit.

    I like it when things are clear and upfront,
    Though some may find it to be a little too blunt.
    Now it's time to be said without a doubt,
    So I think I'll just let it out.

    I've heard many people say,
    in different versions everyday.
    And in the following lines,
    Is what one sometimes defines.

    I found a blog woman the other day,
    With truth and guts I must say.
    A type of female that's seldom seen,
    I think she goes by Jennifer and not Irene.

    She'll expose that which is defective.
    Of course from her perspective,
    But the amusing thing is she is nearly always right,
    And if she's not, she corrects and makes it right and puts it on her website!

    Secrecy, deception, and priestcraft,
    Are certainly not her way or draft.
    Agency, transparency, and divine timing,
    Are higher ways and better elevations to be living.

    Violating others' agency with threats and fears,
    Is more satanic than Godly, it appears.
    Those attempting to conceal and hide,
    Will be going on a ride to the wayside.

    She clearly shows any belligerent soul or hostile and bitter queen,
    Just what it means and feels like to be fully dry-cleaned.
    She is smart and clever and keen,
    And generally, not seen as mean.

    Unless of course you cross a precise and set boundary,
    At which point, you will be corrected roundly.
    Words are direct and not minced,
    And in trouble you will surely be convinced.

  9. Part 2

    Righteous words come about,
    Showing God's instructions to all throughout.
    If His message is ignored, changed, or abused,
    The one doing it is surely not excused.

    She'll tell you exactly where you went wrong,
    And all about how you have been headstrong.
    Come along, get along,
    And face and live what you knew all along.

    After finding her blog, I can see she has been a workin and a writin and a sharin and a speakin
    And a few other women with true words and witnesses are a declarin and a bearin and a statin and a givin
    Then there are other men and women a complainin and a whinin and a moanin and a groanin
    Who are a interferin and a steerin rumor spreadin and a accusin

    I've been a thinkin and a stirrin
    While smelling something a rottin and a stinkin
    And been a searchin and a seekin
    To find what's a hidin and a sneakin and a reekin.

    During the process, I have seen and witnessed the following:

    Accusin and a poutin
    Ignorin and a disregardin
    Lookin and a watchin
    Coverin and a hidin

    Stirrin and a movin
    Impressin and a dazzlin
    Fakin and a makin
    Cheatin and a lyin

    Fussin and a cussin
    Tweakin and a sneakin
    Crackin and a snappin
    Losin and a freakin

    Whimperin and a whinin
    Moanin and a groanin
    Complainin and a grumblin
    Squirmin and a wormin

    Bustlin and a buzzin
    Happenin and a hoppin
    Winkin and a blinkin
    Grubbin and a snubbin

    Prideful women with prestige, and clout,
    Rebelled inside and out.
    Respected and with high esteem,
    But seem to be pretty damn mean.

    Would any man, including a son, brother and husband,
    Want to be under a dominant, overriding and corrupted hand?
    If this is allowed to stand as a precedence without required benevolence,
    Womens councils will likely decrease in prevalence and relevance.

    Though some see at hand a mess,
    Causing a lot of stress,
    Others see it as a Godly process,
    To address and to bless.

    Everyone has now been put on notice and alert,
    Perhaps, some few will truly convert,
    Which will surely prevent more dirt,
    And hopefully avert further hurt.

    Any woman who is a womens council member,
    Is accountable to both know and respect the Lord's instructions and then correctly remember.
    God's words, instructions, and commandments were not given to crucify,
    But rather to study, keep, preserve, and to apply and edify.

    The council must be convened, either in the man’s home fellowship among those who are acquainted with his daily walk.
    And concerning that, please refrain from balking or squawking around the clock.
    Or in private at a general conference, also including among the twelve women from the conference those who are acquainted with his daily walk.
    And please do not stalk or put another example on the chopping block.

    If the accusers have not provided the accused with a righteous indictment,
    Why are these women so set to create a big argument?
    If the witnesses have not provided evidence and proof,
    What justifies having the womens council #1 or #2, without clear reproof?

    By the way, who are the accusers on call,
    If there are none, why would the womens council convene at all?
    The lack of integrity and credibility falls on its face,
    And causes disgrace that should never take place!

  10. In the Glossary of terms under Meekness I found the definition of Jennifer..
    “ A difficult attribute to recognize,..It is found in the relationship between man and God, not between man and man; to be meek is to follow the Lord’s will, even when one doesn’t want to do so, even when it brings one into conflict with friends, family or community. Meekness is measured as between the servant and the Lord, not between the servant and his critics”
    Anyone that know Jenny know she will always follow God first.. I’m sure it was difficult to stand up to women that she had come to care about and loved.. The Lord gave her a task .She might not have understood why and it is my belief she did not do it to cause contention.. I believe this was under our Mother and Fathers in Heaven’s direction..They are trying to teach us something. The question are we going to learn or keep making the same mistakes.. Instead of pointing figures at others let’s learn from this experience and do better and be better. Kat Patten


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