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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day (Joy Wilding)

I have the perfect mother for me.  Even at the age of 45, there are times I just want my Mom.  Last summer, while I was suffering with morning sickness, I went down to Mom’s house to spend a few days lying on her couch. 

Mom had me late in life. After her second child, the doctor told her it would not be a good idea to have any more children.  Her health was in jeopardy.  Well, she didn’t listen to what he said and went ahead and had five more children (I wonder where I get my strong independence).  I’m sure glad she decided to keep having children because out of seven children, I’m number six.  She told us that we kept her young.  When her friends were empty nesters, she still had little ones at home.  My friends at school would sometimes ask if she was my grandmother.

I think us younger children were lucky to have a mature mother.  The older children broke her in by breaking all her rules.  By the time we came along, there were no rules to break.  Mom would say, “When I started my family, I had seven rules and no children.  Now, I have seven children and no rules.” I was raised on love.  The thought of doing anything that would disappoint my parents was punishment enough.  As a teenager I would tell the secrets of my heart to my parents instead of my friends because I knew I could trust them.

Mom told me that I was a serious little girl and was often thinking about how things worked.  She laughed at some of the funny things I came up with.

For Mother’s Day, we bought her a folding lounge chair for the patio. I wasn’t very big at the time and said to her, “Mama, we got you a new bed. Now you don’t have to sleep with Daddy anymore.  ”

One day while my mother was sick in bed, I was standing by her bedside talking to her. She had a big glass of water sitting on her nightstand, and I asked if I could have a drink.  She told me no because I would probably get sick.  I little while later I came back with my own glass of water. I offered it to her.  I said, “Mama, if you drink my water, will you get better?”

At the age of 84, Mom just had her 40th grandchild and 20th great-grand child.  We all love Grandma’s house.  All of Mom’s children and grandchildren know there is always something good to eat in her kitchen. 

My Mom was the heart of my childhood home.  I am so glad she didn’t need to go off to work, because I needed her. She spent her life at home taking care of children.  Even if I didn’t see her face, I could tell if she was home when I came through the door.  I distinctly remember coming home from school one day, and she wasn’t there.  The home felt empty without her.  When I had a hard day, I would act brave until I saw my mom.  When I saw her face, I would start crying and tell her all my troubles.  Mom had a way of making everything all better.

When Dad was off water-skiing with us in the boat, I used to wonder why Mom would often stay on shore.  Didn’t she want to have fun too?  She probably did, but someone needed to watch the children, fix the dinner, and keep things in order.  Mom didn’t seem to worry if her needs were met; she just did what needed to be done.  That’s the way my mom has always been.  Mom uses a walker now. All of us can get around easier than she can, but she still tries to wait on us.  You almost have to insist that you can get things for yourself because if you just sit there, Mom will get up and wait on you.

Mom loves all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grand children.  She doesn’t agree with everything we choose to do and say, and many times she’ll say so, but she never rejects us.  There is always an open door no matter what. 

I love my mother and am grateful that God gave me a mother that loves me.  Being a mother myself has helped me appreciate all of her sacrifices for me. 

I love you Mom. Have a wonderful day.



I was touched by this little boy tribute to his mother.  Thank you God for mothers.  


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