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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimming in the Canal

After a hot day of hard work, the children often find energy and new life by swimming in the irrigation canal. The water is cool and refreshing, and everyone looks forward to an afternoon swim.

One of our favorite swimming spots is located at a mini dam in the lower canal where the water backs up and creates a perfect swimming hole. The area is partly surrounded by concrete walls, which provide us opportunities to jump and dive into deep water.

Children have a knack at coming up with all kinds of fun games and creative ways to amuse themselves. It’s amazing how they can be entertained for hours using natural resources provided by God. 

Sometimes we take goggles and snorkels. It’s great until a mischievous sibling pours a little water down the snorkel of another. All is well after a little coughing and sputtering. Some like to go under the water, hold their breath, and see how long they can stay under. Water fights, splashing each other, and swimming contests often happen. Some like to smoothly dive into the cool water. Others prefer belly flops, splashes, and games.

Everyone enjoys swimming, laughing out loud, and coming back for more excitement. I think it’s healthy for us to work, play, and spend fun time together.

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