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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Would You Say If You Saw Us? Part 2

We, the latter day saint gentiles, play a key part in the visions many prophets have seen and are now seeing. Our day has been revealed in detail and these prophets are eyewitnesses of us and our doings. Moroni, who is a prophet of God and lived about 1000 years after Nephi, finishes the record of his father Mormon, sees our day, prophecies, warns, and speaks a few eye-opening words to us. “Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing” Mormon 8:35.

So, what did Moroni see and record concerning us and our day? How did he describe us? What did he say about the conditions of the world? People? Other circumstances? Did Moroni include any information, counsel, recommendations, advice, warnings, or admonitions? Did Moroni praise, honor, or pay tribute to us? Was he pleased with what he saw, applaud our righteous performance, or wish he were part of a chosen generation like us? Or did he throw out criticism, scolding, disapproval, and condemnation?

What are some of the gentile characteristics that Moroni mentioned? Did he note that miracles are basically done away among the gentiles?  Did he talk about secret combinations and works of darkness? The power of God is denied? Churches become defiled? Building churches to get gain? Pride? Wearing very fine apparel? Envy? Strifes? Malice? Persecutions? Iniquities? Building up secret abominations to get gain? Society deteriorating? Murders? Robbing? Lying? Deceivings? Whoredoms? False teachings and beliefs? Preaching that you can do anything you want and the Lord will uphold you at the last day? Believing that for your money you can be forgiven? Transfiguring the holy word of God? Selling your selves for that which will canker? Widows mourning? Orphans mourning? Blood crying from the ground? Wars? Earthquakes? Great pollutions? Destructions? Judgments? Damnations?

Do we love money, elegant church buildings, fancy clothes, houses, cars, and our substance more than we love the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted? Do we suffer the hungry, and the needy, and the naked, and the sick and the afflicted to pass by, and notice them not? Mormon 8:26-41

Are there corrupt churches in our midst? Is every single gentile church polluted because of the pride of our hearts? A very chilling question is this: “Why have ye polluted the holy church of God?” Mormon 8:38 What church is the holy church of God? Does it exist now? Where is it? Who belongs to it? Who polluted it? When was it polluted? How was it polluted? Is it being polluted still? If it has been polluted, is being polluted, or both; is it still holy? Where do we stand? This sounds like serious stuff. Do we even want to know the answers? Are we offended when we are called to repentance? 

Why are we ashamed to take upon us the name of Christ? Mormon 8:38 Why do we lay up for ourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal Matthew 6:19, but refuse or fail to lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal? Matthew 6:20 Why do we prefer the things of the world instead of what God offers?

Why don’t we believe in and entertain angels? Is it because of our unbelief? Moroni 7 Why don’t we care enough to rend the veil of unbelief which doth cause us to remain in our awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind and be saved? Be redeemed? Receive the Second Comforter? And make a claim on eternal life? Ether 4:15

According to Moroni, “The sword of vengeance hangeth over you; and the time soon cometh that he avengeth the blood of the saints upon you, for he will not suffer their cries any longer” Mormon 8:41 Who are the saints that are crying? To whom are they crying? Why are they crying?

Are they being despised, hated, persecuted, and reviled? By whom?  For what? Why? Are they despised and rejected of men; persons of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and esteemed as naught? Isaiah 53:2-7 Are they oppressed and afflicted by the world, but humbly submit to God? Do they try to repay and get even with offenders, or do they leave the judgment and vengeance of their enemies to whom it belongs, even the Lord? Romans 12:19, Mormon 8:20

Who offends, mocks, and sheds the blood of the saints? Over who does the sword of vengeance hang? Why? Somebody must not be paying attention to God, ignoring Him, or just plain rebelling against Him. Why would somebody revile and persecute another and say all manner of evil against them falsely, for Christ’s sake? Matthew 5:11 I suppose all prophets who come from the presence of God wonder why this is the case. Joseph did. JSH 1:25

What does it mean to be a saint? Will a saint be quickened and be caught up to meet Him? D&C 88:96 See God? Matthew 5:8 Would a saint be wise, noble, and virtuous seeking counsel, authority, and blessings constantly from under the hand of God? D&C 122:2 Is a saint one who receives the pleasing word of God and feasts upon his love with a firm mind forever? Jacob 3:2 Does a saint have clean hands and a pure heart? Does it have something to do with Zion? D&C 97:21-26 

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them” Moses 7:18. Does one with a broken heart and a contrite spirit qualify for Zion? Shall a saint see the kingdom of God coming in power and great glory unto their deliverance? D&C 56:18 Would a saint return to God, come to their inheritances, and sing songs of everlasting joy, to build up the waste places of Zion? D&C 101:18 Would a saint rend the veil of unbelief, repent, be redeemed, and know Christ, having faith no longer but knowing without doubting? Ether 3:19

What does it mean NOT to be a saint? Hmmm, not to be profound, but I suppose it would be opposite of being one.  I think Nephi and Moroni were doing a pretty good job describing a non-saint, who is condemned, not redeemed, miserable, and a damned soul, who “would be more miserable to dwell with a holy and just God, under a consciousness of your filthiness before him, than ye would to dwell with the damned souls in hell” Mormon 9:4-5.

Oh, maybe I got carried away. That was us gentiles they were talking about, wasn’t it? That doesn’t sound very good at all. It can be quite alarming to some and cause anxiety and fear among the ill equipped and unprepared. Upon the wicked, it will kindle a flame of unquenchable fire.

Both Nephi and Moroni must have seen the same vision about our day. They are in concert crying repentance, pronouncing warnings, and declaring judgments upon us as the latter day saint gentiles.

But they seem to be so negative and are not saying nice things about us. What great evil have we done to deserve that kind of criticism, reprimand, and rebuke? What great sins have we committed, that we should be condemned of God or judged of these men? We are a strong, favored, and preferred people, aren’t we? We are too great to be destroyed; besides we are the chosen generation, right?

Just who is this Nephi and Moroni anyway? By what authority do they prophecy evil against us, God’s elect people? We are a righteous and prosperous people with power, and we are regarded with respect, admiration, and high esteem, right? Do you think these guys are true prophets? Or are they just prophesying in vain? This sounds uncomfortably too familiar, doesn’t it? Mosiah 12:13-15

Maybe we should kill them because they are destroying our craft Alma 35:3. If we get rid of them, maybe their message will go away and stop disturbing us.  They’re already dead, but their words are still here.  Now what do we do?  Let’s be like the Zoramites and just not listen to them and cast out the ones that do listen. Or maybe we can switch identities and pretend we aren’t the gentiles.  Let’s hide so God can’t find us.

So back to this craft of ours, many years have gone into building this craft.  It provides us a comfortable living.  It makes us wealthy.  It feeds our ego and pride. It assures us of our righteousness before God. Why destroy it now?  Don’t we need to feed each other’s self-esteem? That’s why we go to church, right?

Paul would probably be rejected and reviled today, like he was in his day.  Paul is persuading people to turn away from worshipping false gods.  Why would he do that? Doesn’t he know we need our craft to make money? If the people find out what’s going on, even our great temple will be despised and her magnificence destroyed.  Right now we have people throughout the entire world worshipping the gods we’ve created.  We cannot allow people like Paul to keep talking! Acts 19:25-27 By our craft we generate money to build shopping malls, make donations to law firms, build a huge mega church, and contribute to the development of the Babylonian empire.

I believe Nephi, Moroni, and many others commune with heaven. I think they know what they are talking about. Would it be worth reading their words, carefully considering them, and acting upon what is revealed through the power of the Holy Ghost? I am absolutely persuaded to re-evaluate my views and the traditions of my fathers, step back, and take a serious long look at this stuff. I think it would be very wise to talk to God about it with a sincere heart and with real intent.

What would you say if you saw us in vision 2600 years ago? 1600 years ago? Now?

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