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Monday, February 12, 2018

Faith in God ... In Nothing Else!

"I suppose that the rising generation knows little about the Lectures on Faith. In my own judgment, these Lectures are of great value and should be studied. I consider them to be of extreme value in the study of the gospel of Jesus Christ." (Joseph Fielding Smith, "Seek Ye Earnestly")

The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included the Lectures on Faith, which represented the “doctrine” portion, and were accepted as scripture by common consent of church members. In 1921, a committee of six apostles chose to remove the Lectures on Faith from the Doctrine and Covenants WITHOUT common consent of the members. These six men, on their own accord, left the covenants to remain, but took away the entire doctrine portion, which teaches a man how to attain sufficient faith to claim eternal life, literally know the Lord, and see His face.

Bruce R. McConkie evaluated the lectures as "some of the best lesson material ever prepared on the Godhead; on the character, perfections, and attributes of God; on faith, miracles, and sacrifice. They can be studied with great profit by all gospel scholars." (Mormon Doctrine, Page 439)

"In my judgment, it is the most comprehensive, intelligent, inspired utterance that now exists in the English language-that exists in one place defining, interpreting, expounding, announcing, and testifying what kind of being God is. It is written by the power of the Holy Ghost, by the spirit of inspiration. It is, in effect, eternal scripture; it is true. I will only read part of it, and even then, because of the deep content that is involved in the words, we cannot measure or fathom their full intent. We need to study and ponder and analyze the expressions that are made." (Bruce R. McConkie, lecture at Brigham Young University, Jan. 4, 1972)

Here is a podcast link that may further our view on Faith

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