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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day !

I am thinking of my wife, who is my friend, my joy, and my love. Although I am away from home today and working, I dedicate this special day to her.

She and I did not meet 27 years ago by accident, but rather by heavenly purpose and reason that I call a miracle.

I knew she was the one for me very shortly after first meeting her, but initially, she did not see much of "her husband" in me. She was (and still is) my choice. With some persuasion and as time passed, something greater and certainly more satisfying occurred, but yet it seemed almost astonishing to me ... she chose me too!

Sweetheart, I am grateful for who you are, your faithful counseling, and your love. I cherish our experiences in life together, the highs and lows, the successes and failures, learning and precious time together. Perhaps, the highlight of our course together it is that we have made choices that carried significant consequences together, not alone. That way we have either sailed or sunk together without praising or blaming one another because we have enjoyed both the sun and the rain together :)

I quite like the idea of growing older “younger” together (you with me) and acknowledging that best is yet to come as we grow closer day by day and choice by choice and gather further light. I think there is much more truth to "the best is yet to come" than we fully realize or understand presently.

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